1Ds MkIV in 2010?

So the allusions to the 5D MkIII got me thinking about the 1Ds MkIV, after all, we should be seeing it well before the arrival of a 5D MkIII if Canon sticks to their usual timelines.

Which puts the 1Ds MkIV arriving this year!

Actually, this would be right on track as we already have the 1D MkIV out, so we should be seeing the 1Ds MkIV anytime.

I’m thinking similar specs to what I suggested for the 5D MkIII.  Let’s say 30 MP sensor, and ISO 12, 800 with Hi 1 and Hi 2.  I think it’ll have 1080 HD video.

But the AF system will be a slight bit better than what the 5D MkIII will have.  Unlike Nikon, Canon doesn’t like to let their top AF system be in anything but the flagships.  Expect the 1Ds MkIV AF to be pretty much the exact same as the 1D MkIV.

And what if Canon surprises us with a 40MP sensor in the 1Ds MkIV?  How sweet would that be?  Would make sense too.  Why not differentiate the product line more.  Let the 5D MkIII have a 30MP sensor, and the full frame flagship have a 40MP sensor.  Give those willing to part with the BIG bucks for the 1Ds MkIV a little more for their money.