Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day – Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunday, April 25, 2010, is Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day. This is the very day where photographers around the world celebrate the wonders of pinhole photography. Many a photographer built his or her pinhole camera using a Quaker Oats box and 120 black-and-white roll film. (Cameras can be made out of wooden boxes, Spam cans, and juice boxes.)There is no lens and no shutter. This is an all manual operation. Using a small hole exposures can take a few seconds or, for the adventuresome, extend to hours. The most fun occurs in the darkroom where film is processed and then printed or when you pickup your photos at a photo shop. The pinhole camera is also the place where anyone can get under the hood and learn a tremendous amount about how photography works. Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day is a true celebration. One day there may no longer be film and this fantastic opportunity lost. So, get in on the fun. Make it a family project or merely one for yourself. Take your images and then share them for all to see!

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