Steve Jobs Speaks His Mind on Flash

Adobe Flash is widely used for websites, video, and other delivery technology systems. Adobe has worked long and hard on this technology making it multi-platform, even introducing new features in every CS product. As photographers, it’s integrated into many of the projects that we’re involved with.  Of course, if you own an iPhone or a brand new iPad you already know that Flash is not an option. Steve Jobs has indicated on more than one occasion that there are issues. Recently, Jobs has some of  thoughts and concerns regarding specific areas that include open standards, battery life, system crashes, and alternatives. Being a Mac users you had to wonder whether all of this was mere competition, smoke or reality. Being a user that has experienced more than enough browser crashes it seemed like a good time to randomly test this further as a computer user. Firefox has a plug-in and Safari has ClicktoFlash. Once installed any area of the browser window that detects Flash shows a grayed out box. Should you want to view it merely click in that area and it will load. Or, if preferred Flash can be loaded for the whole web page. But, here’s where it got interesting. Web content loaded several times faster and crashes ceased. The whole web experience was much more pleasurable. Part of the speed issue has to do with web ads. Any site with paid or delivered advertisements pulls multiple URL addresses simultaneously, possibly from different servers. The speed at which these are delivered can affect how fast things load is significant. In the meantime, all of this provides a great opportunity for Adobe to make Flash even better. For now, readers are able to explore what Steve Jobs has to say on the subject. Read Steve Jobs’ Post “Thoughts on Flash”. And, of course, since the Jobs posting, Kevin Lynch of Adobe has offered a response of sorts.