Popular Photography says “a great new DSLR… next month”

So according to Popular Photography, there’s a great new DSLR coming next month.  From who, we don’t know.  Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Sony, Olympus… who knows.

We do know that Nikon is rumored to be announcing 3 new DSLRs this month.  Could it be one of those?  Maybe.  Perhaps one stands out in particular so they say “a” as in one.

Or maybe that means it’s another manufacturer than Nikon.

Maybe Canon is set to surprise us.  Or, maybe they’re talking about the Canon EOS 60D, which is expected to be announced soon.  From the specs we’ve seen, the 60D would qualify as “a great new DSLR”.

Or maybe Pentax is about to rock the boat.  Full frame DSLR by Pentax?  That would certainly qualify as “a great new DSLR”.  A lot of people would be excited about that, Pentax and non-Pentax shooters alike.  Canon and Nikon would be excited, errr… concerned, too.

Or Sony.  They’ve been introducing new DSLRs like a rabbit in heat lately.  Could they be poised to announce yet another?

Or Oly. Olympus is enjoying major popularity with their EP series of EVIL type cameras, but they make non-EVIL DSLRs too.  Perhaps a new one is coming?

Good times for photographers and gearheads no matter what.