Nikon SB-700 Replacing the SB-600

The net is buzzing with talk of an SB-700, a new Nikon Speedlight to replace the venerable little SB-600. NikonRumors has noted reports of Staples and other retailers removing or deactivating their listings for the SB-600.  Even more solid in my book, Thom Hogan has predicted the coming of the SB-700 in his 2010 predictions, and Thom has a long and reliable history of having a nose for these things.

General consensus seems to be that the SB-700 will be “SB-900-like” in it’s appearance and interface, but smaller with similar capabilities to the SB-600.  Makes sense.  The SB-600 has been around for a wee while now, and it’s big brother, the SB-800 has already been replaced by the SB-900.

If the SB-700 follows the trend of the SB-900, we can probably also look forward to a little more power than the SB-600 currently has, and more power is always a welcome addition to a Speedlight.   What won’t be as welcome is a bump in price.  Let’s hope Nikon doesn’t sneak in a price hike when they introduce the SB-700.  On the other hand, if you’re like me and love having a few SB-600′s on hand to use as remotes,  it may just be the perfect time to pick-up a few more SB-600′s when they go on clearance sale just before the SB-700 arrives.

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  1. Spinner says:

    any word when the SB-700 is out and the sales begin?

  2. Broxibear says:

    No date for the SB-700 except it should be available in mid November according to warehouseexpress.
    If you’re after a cheap SB-600 check here for the latest prices if you’re in the UK .