Nikon D900 Test Unit Sightings

I heard from two different sources that Nikon D900 bodies have been seen out and about.  Reportedly unmarked, with no name badges, this doesn’t detract from the sightings as that is how test units are usually lent out.

I for one hope the sightings are correct!  I’d love the incredible D3X sensor in a smaller body like that of my beloved D700.  Small is the new Big.

If the D900 arrives sporting such specs, it’ll be another monumental DSLR for Nikon.  I’d anticipate the price to be around $4500 to $5000 USD, which will make it a hard to find camera with most stores on back-order long after it’s introduction.

Of course there’s also the ongoing question of whether it will actually be called the D900.  Other name contenders are D700x and D800.  Regardless of what Nikon calls it, many a Nikon shooter will be waiting anxiously to get there name on the order list.