Nikon D90 Replacement Coming Soon?

Nabuaki Sasagaki, General Manager, Marketing Department of Nikon Imaging Japan has announced a replacement is coming for the Nikon D90, at least he alluded to it in the sort of round-about way that Nikon executives do.

What can we expect on a new D90 replacement?  Well, better video of course. Isn’t that what everyone wants these days?

I say that tongue in cheek, but I’m actually quite fond of using my D90 for video.  It produces very nice results, especially with fast primes.  Makes for a nice, light, FAST, video set-up.

As for what else will be on the D90 replacement, well that’s anybody’s guess.

More megapixels?  Honestly, I hope not.  The 12 MP sensor in the current D90 does a great job, delivering excellent image quality and probably the best high ISO of any crop sensor DSLR, save maybe the D300s.  Most people don’t need more megapixels, but better high ISO and dynamic range is always welcome.

Or maybe Nikon could just leave the D90 in the line-up and introduce a D90 with an FX sensor!  Now that would be sweet.  Let’s say the body is the same, but it has a similar FX sensor to the D700.  And let’s say it comes out at $1799.99 USD.  Oh yeah!  I’m all over that.

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  1. Fotoflipao says:

    Again with rumors… but I think the replacement is near.
    It could be:

    14-16 mpx (I hope 12 as you, but I don’t beleive)
    Native Iso 200-6400. Better high ISO performance than d90, worst than d700.
    HD video 1080 (with AF)
    New body design. Rounded forms. D90 body is the same as D80′s. Too much time…
    New AF system. Could be 19 points.
    New grip, similar to D300 grip.
    Could be, fast continuous shooting (20-30 shots/sec) in LV mode, only jpg mode.

    Seems beautiful!!

  2. memphis says:

    D90 body with an FX sensor is a winner!

  3. Omgitssyd says:

    As much as I LOOOOVE the idea of a d90 with an FX sensor, I don’t think nikon would do it. :\ This would completely KILL the d300s and partially the d700. If they’re gonna put out new FX camera’s they’re going to keep working their way down from the top.

    My guess for the D90 replacement is:
    -Faster frame rate 5-7fps
    -a tad bit more megapixels 14-18
    -19 point af
    -1080p video without continuous auto ( canon doesn’t even have that and they’re a cam corder company )
    -Better ISO range 200-6400
    - Waffles.

  4. Fotoflipao says:

    Finally the quiz is solved. Nikon D7000

    Magnesium-alloy body
    AI mount capable
    39 AF system
    16 mpx
    1080p video
    6 fps
    iso 100-6400 (up to 25600)
    raw 14 bits
    dual SD slot

    10 to Nikon. I love this camera!!!