More Details Leaking On Sony’s APS-C EVIL Cameras

In February Sony showed prototypes of what they described as their Cyber-shot “Concept Cameras” in a press conference. They incorporate 14.1-megapixel EXMOR HD CMOS / APS-C sensors which have been commonly used mostly for DSLR-style cameras. In addition they accept interchangeable lenses. They’re often referred to as EVIL products – “Electronic Viewfinder Interchangeable Lenses”. Almost within an arm’s reach were both Olympus and Panasonic, manufacturers of popular Micro Four-Thirds cameras. We see this as significant because it shows that higher quality features are coming to more affordably priced cameras. This will also place extreme pressure on cameras that already use APS-C sensors from companies such as Samsung and Sigma as well competing sensor formats. It’s also notable that both Canon and Sony are being notably quiet on the subject. Reading between the lines this should indicate some serious though going on in their R&D. Within the next few years do not be surprised that these APS-C designs are accompanied by full-frame models. At least that’s the chatter. Pro Photo Home has a short video clip that shows the Sony prototypes, show below. In the meantime more information is beginning to leak on the Sony cameras from a variety of sources that include Sony Alpha Rumors and Photo Rumors. This should support Sony’s statements that these will be available sometime this year!