Look Out iPad… Here Come’s the Competition!

The iPad seems to have been an over-night success.  Photographers are loving it for displaying photos.  Great way to impress a prospective client.  Just whip out your iPad and show them your portfolio.

But before you run out and buy one, be aware, the competition is coming.

HP is rumored to be releasing the HP Slate with a faster processor, more RAM, expandable storage, and a built-in camera.  On paper, it kicks the iPad all around the ring.  Rumored to be priced at $549.99 to $599.99 depending on the model, the iPad may be about to meet it’s match.

That said, as a happy iPhone user, there is something about the iPad that may not be so easily beat by specs alone.  For one thing, the iPad already has a HUGE headstart in sales, so HP will be behind the 8 ball in the sales arena.

And the cool factor is in the iPad’s favor.  Not to say that the HP Slate won’t be cool, but it takes time and work to build an aura around a product like the one the iPhone and now the iPad enjoy.

And then there’s the additional rumors of even more competition on the horizon as other manufacturers scramble to get a slice of the pad pie.