iPad at Work – Photographers

Yesterday, professional photographer Mark Alberhasky came by to visit. He brought his new friend, an iPad. Drifting into a discussion about the iPad’s merits we found ourselves at friendly but opposite ends. Mark found the iPad invaluable as a way to show portfolios. Also, he is not so much a laptop user when he travels finding this to offer potential and portable appeal. In addition, group conferencing and screen sharing were turning into useful instruments as it applied to both his ability to use long-distance teaching as well as stay in contact with clients. When it came to typing he also found it perfectly suited for his needs. On the flip side, after spending a few hours with one, I missed a webcam, something that is used on a daily basis here. And, none of the “fav” applications such as audio or image editing applications with industrial strength. Of course, there’s no current multitasking. In the end the iPad is certainly eye candy when you see images containing brilliant colors and spot-on compositions. Video is hypnotic. Now that Apple has been seeking someone to fill a camera-type position in the iPad division the future seems guaranteed that there’ll be some version of this tablet here soon given time. New features and power can be good. PadGadget even has a glimpse into how Texas shooter Mike Irvin is using it for his business. If you’ve got an iPad we’d love to hear what it means to you. Is there an iPad in your life or in your future?