In the Sandbox :: Fun Toy Cameras, Small Photoshop Effects & an iPhone Miniaturized Photo Effect

Stuck away in the drawers or on closet shelves may be some of your favorite toy cameras. The list includes that Holga, Diana, or Lomo. These are generally durable plastic Bakelite resin plastic that made it’s way into the manufacture of many a camera including that Kodak Brownie. What’s even more fun is to take a roll of film and pop it into one of these fun cameras and get back in touch with creativity that does not rely on software or special attachments. So get Smashing with the real deal basic effects! And, if you want to have fun in Photoshop you’re not left out. There’s a way to fake it and make everyone thing that you’re using a Holga with a fisheye on the front or an inexpensive camera with flaws in the optics along with some other very cool effects. Try them and you’ll be surprised. If you aren’t fortunate to own any of these retro cameras you can check them outthrough FS Distribution, a company long recognized for offering quality photo products. Their site can locate a dealer for you. iPhone users, you’re not left out. There’s the TiltShift Generator that lets you create your own retro miniature pictures for only $.099.

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TiltShift Generator