EVIL Even Cheaper… by Sony

Sony’s rumored EVIL camera is going to be cheaper than the Olympus E-PL1 according to the latest round of rumors.

Sony has been getting better and better with their DSLR’s, and the EVIL cameras are extremely popular right now.  Done right, Sony could be poised to take some major market share.

Olympus has to play defense here.  It’s hard to win a price war, but if you differentiate your product, you don’t have to fight the price war.

Look at Apple.  They make unique products that no one can really compete with (i.e. iPhone, iPad) because no one really has anything quite like them.  So, they get to charge more and not worry about their competition.

Taking notes Olympus?  Innovate.  Differentiate.  Be Incredible.  Lead from the Front.  Cheaper EVIL by Sony doesn’t have to be a threat.  Change the game.  Play on a new playing field.  Raise the bar.  Leave the competition scratching their heads and your customers unable to get enough.

Of course, Sony… you could do this too.  And so could Nikon.  And Canon.  And Pentax.  Sure Olympus has a lead right now, but the market is always open to someone stepping up to the plate and blowing everyone away.