Canon DSLR With Eye Control Focus

Rumor has it that the boffins in the R&D  basement at Canon are hard at work on a new version of Canon’s beloved Eye Control Focus system.

Eye Control Focus is nothing new for Canon.  The famous Elan 7NE and EOS-3 both had versions of Canon’s Eye Control Focus.  The vast majority of users loved it, and if you look online, you’ll find many a shooter crooning over the good old days when his or her beloved Elan 7NE or EOS-3 had Eye Control Focus.

If Canon is coming out with a DSLR with a new version of the Eye Control Focus system, it could be just what Canon needs to get back on top of the DSLR game.  Perhaps Eye Control Focus could even be the answer to Canon’s auto focus woes.

Myself, I’ve never had the pleasure of trying Eye Control Focus, but I’m very intrigued.  I’d love to see it come out on a DSLR, and I’d love to see the other manufacturers scrambling to come up with something similar.  If DSLR’s keep advancing at the hectic pace they have been, pretty soon my 2 year old will be able to shoot as well as anyone.

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  1. thomas says:

    I hope Canon can bring me back his eye control system w/ his new model… that focusing system is the best one i ever tried and really love it…