Canon AE-1… is it Real?

Canon AE-1 Digital

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Canon AE-1 Program Digital

9 Megapixels

Image Stabilization

4GB internal memory

Could this be the Canon EVIL camera?  Or is this a Leica-like, manual style Canon DSLR?  Is Canon rockin’ it old school?

It’s interesting, none the less.  The specs alone would be enough for many a shooter to add it to their arsenal.

Looks like a inter-changeable lens camera, but is it?  And if so, what lenses will it work with?  EF?  EF-S?

What about the sensor?  Could Canon be raising the bar and introducing a Full Frame camera a 9 MP that is untouchable on high ISO.

Is this camera even real?  Looks like it is, but then there are lots of great fakes out there.

What do you think?

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  1. Markus says:

    wtf… Isn’t that just a modded AE-1? Beautifully done though!