Boudoir Photography Really Takes Off

Boudoir photography is poised to be the next big thing in photography. Although not new boudoir is becoming very big business. The biggest customers are women who want to give the gift of sexiness or romantic photographs to their significant other. Photographers are finding boudoir can provide a cash infusion to their businesses by offering tasteful makeovers, lingerie shoots, and a hint of intimacy. Photographer Edward Verosky has recently published an e-book entitled, “10 Ways to Improve Your Boudoir Photography.” Based on his years of experience Verosky covers topics that include lighting, posing, along with proven ways to get the best from your subject. The price is $10. But, if you act quickly by April 30 the price is a mere $4.95. Other resources include The Boudoir Divas run by Michelle Boucher and Kimberlee West. The Boudoir Divas offer popular workshops both in San Diego as well as Paris, France. Plus, they provide resources on how to run your own boudoir studio. At this year’s Imaging USA they spoke at one of the events expecting around 100 people but ended up with a crowded room totally about 1500! If you’ve been contemplating how to expand your business this is one side that might deserve serious consideration.