Are These The Real 60D Specs?

A 13.8 MP sensor, a new 11 point AF system with little people inside making sure each point is aimed properly, HD video with the same specs as the T2i, an ISO range of 100-6400 plus H1 and H2, and a stop better HIGH ISO quality than the 7D too… and oh yeah, better overall sharpness and a viewfinder that covers 98%.

So what do you think?  Is this it?

Is this the new Canon 60D?

Canonrumors have these specs posted as the latest they’ve heard for the coming 60D.  Interesting that the sensor is down to 13.8 MP from the 7D and T2i 18MP sensor.  Hmmm… could they be listening to the cries of the masses?  That we don’t want more megapixels at the expense of quality?

I’m not sure what the overall sharpness bit is really all about.  I mean, you can twiddle with sharpness by fine-tuning the default sharpness and noise reduction algorithms.  You could also mess about with the Bayer filters to improve the sharpness.  Be interesting to see what that really means when it all comes out in the wash, or in this case, in a brand new box that says Canon EOS 60D on the side.

I’ll say one thing… Canon has an opportunity here at a little redemption.  The 40D was an amazing DSLR for it’s pricepoint.  The 50D, not so much.  Most people agree the 50D was quite disappointing, especially the quality of images coming from the 50D sensor.  Having owned and shot the 20D, 30D, and 40D of the XXD series, I had no interest in a 50D when the first images were showing up online around the time of it’s release.  Now the 60D, if these specs are right, could be a real winner.