3 New Nikon DSLR’s Coming

Nikonrumors says that they have info Nikon will be announcing 3 new DSLR’s, possibly even before the end of this month.

Speculation abounds on what these DSLR’s will be, although I would think the D90 replacement is almost certainly among them.  If it has 1080 HD video, I’m up-grading!

The other two are grounds for pondering.  Perhaps the awaited Nikon D400 is coming.  Nikonrumors says one of the 3 Nikon DSLR’s will have 39 AF points, 16MP, 24 fps 1920/1080 video, and an optional new MB-D11 grip.  Sounds like the D400 to me.

Another possibility for one of the three Nikon DSLR’s is the much talked about Nikon D900, D700x, or D800… whatever you want to call it.  This has been expected/wanted by many for some time now.  Will it be the DSLR that has the 16MP sensor referred to by Nikonrumors?  I suspect that would be one sweet sensor as Nikon has demonstrated incredible ability with high ISO, so I would bet a 16MP FX sensor with the latest technologies (i.e. even more advanced than the HIGH ISO KING, the D3s), would be even cleaner at high ISO than the D3s.  Oh yeah!

The 39 point AF sensor is an interesting spec though.  Why would Nikon step backwards and not provide it’s flagship AF system in this camera?  I mean the D300, the D700, D3, D3s, and the D3x all have the top Nikon AF system. Why step backwards in features?  Makes me wonder if this camera might not be the D700 replacement.  Maybe there’s a new sub D300s level DSLR coming?  Fits in between the D300s and the D90 in the Nikon line-up?  Hmmm….

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  1. Wow…

    Anyone want a good deal on a D70? :-)


  2. Doug says:

    probably the only advantages of the 7d over the d300 are;
    pattern of af sensors
    video quality

    I would trade from 51 points with 15 cross type to 39 cross type in a wider pattern any day.
    I would like a bit more resolution as long as it didn’t impact low light performance (isn’t it interesting how the 7d is barely any higher than the 40d on the dxo sensor scale)
    I would have an interest in the video matching canon

    Perhaps this is what they have done….

  3. karl bratby says:

    maybe the 39 point is an array of cross type sensors which would be very wecome by may pro’s

  4. Mike Curtis says:

    One possibility I can see with the 39 point AF module is one where all 39 points are cross-type sensors, and possibly sensitive to f/5.6 instead of f/2.8. That would be a step up from the current module.

  5. shannon says:

    Since we are guessing; business sense says a low, middle and high offering don’t we think? I am surprised no one anywhere wants or talks about camera security – firmware to render a camera useless to thieves, AND we still hold onto the 20th. century 35mm ergonomic shape for top DSLR’s as well. But then what would manufacturers do without having to replace thousands of stolen cameras each and every year?

  6. I’ve been waiting for the real upgrade from the D300/300s. Whether the new cam comes with 39 point AF or not, if its AF gets faster and more accurate,and if it produces much cleaner high ISO images,that’s all I need for the possible D400.

  7. ALON says:

    When is the new d800 COMING OUT?