Fun Photo Projects You Can Do In a Weekend – Giving New Life to Old Gear

Most photographers tend to collect old photo gear that can include instant cameras, film cameras, sheet film holders. Sometimes there are some great memories attached. Other times, our fingers are crossed that something will prove to be valuable. With the later you might choose to pass these down to relatives or hope to make a nice profit via eBay. But, let’s face it. More often than not the things we love often find themselves in a closet or storage bin. There’s hope! Here are three projects that can bring new life to these. First up is a clever way to convert a Polaroid Spectra Instant camera into one that can accept 3 1/4″ x 4 1/2″ sheet film. You will need to lightproof it and throw in a few modifications. Once the Spectra has been modified you’re read to go. Read More

Second in line is a way to make that old foldable bellows film camera look cool on your desk holding your business cards, pens, or even a mobile phone. You’ll need an X-ACTO knife. With it carefully slide a section out of the camera bellows big enough to hold your items.  Although not essential you can lightly brushing the cut edges with “Liquid Electrical Tape” to keep the bellows material from fraying. Please be sure that you have adequate ventilation and that you use care with sharp objects. These are not to be use at all around children.

Third, is a quick way to modify a sheet film holder into a personalized door sign. Example: Office Hours; Back in 15 minutes; Knock Before Entering; By Appointment Only; and, so on.

Print out  any design or message. Place it underneath the open holder with tape or adhesive. Attach it to your wall or door with Velcro. Pull open the film holder when you want to show your message. Close it when you don’t.

If any of Pro Photo Home readers have other fun modifications we’d love to hear about them. Have fun bringing back those old photo items back to life!