Will PMA 2010 Still Show Its Stuff?

At the Consumer Electronics Show held recently in Las Vegas there were some new camera announcements from companies that included Samsung’s NX10. But, beyond this and quite a number of point-and-shoot consumer cameras there was nothing earth shattering from the Top DSLR guys. PMA, a longtime venue used by many to launch new camera products, will be held in Anaheim next month. But, PMA is going through some major changes on a number of fronts. Even Canon who in the past has occupied a lot of square footage in the exhibition hall will be absent as will some other well known brands. But, nothing is stopping anyone from making major announcements during the show on February 21-23 whether they exhibit or not. It could even prove to be beneficial to the smaller guys should they want to take advantage of what may be a welcome media opportunity. The whispers are already surfacing. Therefore, post rumors and your personal impressions in the Forums. Let’s see who gets it right! The game is on!