Special Announcement – We have sold out the ProPhotoHome Web Site and Forums!

We will be updating you as it happens and we want all our readers to be up to date on the special new things at the new ProPhotohome.com web site.  A special thanks to all our past readers and we welcome with open arms all our new readers that come here every day!

On a very personal note – everyone on our staff to each reader who visits us, we wish you the best Christmas and a happy holiday for all. Thank you for stopping here on a regular basis and just like most other web sites promising the same, we too will have new and exciting things for 2010, the new year is only a week away!

Yes, the ProPhotoHome Web site has sold out. We didn’t sell our site to a new company, but to the idea that each of us can take better and more meaningful pictures and we want to be center stage and up front in helping you do it. We have sold out to the idea our hobby, profession and craft can be more fulfilling to us and enjoyable as we do it.

Christmas is a time of new birth. ProPhotoHome.com has gone through a new birth this year with a new web site design, new writers, new fresh ideas, new computer servers and lots of new behind the scenes equipment. We are betting the farm to make it easy for our readers to learn to take better pictures, choose better equipment, and find great prices on equipment.

We know you can sell out too, and we encourage you to do it – join us! Memories are created by recording THIS moment, THIS Christmas, THIS special moment in time we have today.

I challenge you – don’t let this holiday go by without making at least 100 memories to carry with you into the new year! Sell out to the notion that you will take lots and lots of pictures. Put your camera under new management with a new you, a you that will take more pictures than ever of the people, places, pets, and country you love.

Throw out the old management, sell out to storing up treasure you will find valuable a short time from now, even as short as just a year from now. They start right under your index finger with the magic shutter each and every camera has as standard equipment. Take lots and lots of pictures, don’t put your camera away, now is the time to take it out and use it.

Make memories, they will be all you can put your hands on years from now. Record them now while it can be done. Pictures are very precious and meaningful from the wimpiest to the toughest of folks.

They record the here and now, so we can live it again and again and remember it when this moment is gone. Whoops, there is goes, this moment is now over! There is no price tag on that, and if you are shooting digital it costs nothing to take those shots once you already own the camera and cards so enjoy the season, the family, the friends, all those you love and for goodness sake – fire that shutter – a lot :)