Canon 1D Mark IV ready for release by end of December and is on track.

I had nice chat with Chuck Westfall of Canon USA this morning discussing a few different topics and one of them was the release of the new Canon 1D Mark IV camera in the USA and actual shipping dates. Chuck said the 1D Mark IV is still on track for release the second half of December and there doesn’t seem to be any delays in sight.

Of course this doesn’t mean something can’t change, but Chuck seemed to be right on top of it with all information available right at his fingertips and there was no hesitation that they are right on target with their originally announced release.

That is good news and it also squelches the internet chit-chat where stories are fabricated or unsubstantiated. With Christmas being so close it can only be a matter of days to a few weeks before the camera hits the dealers shelves.

Stay tuned to, as more news gets to me I will let everyone know.