Jeff Ascough – Top 10 Wedding Photographer With Real 1D Mark IV Wedding Results With The Camera

My friend Jeff Ascough, one of the world’s top 10 wedding photographers and also one of the elite group of  Canon Explorers of Light obtained  a 1D Mark IV from Canon and he used it at a real wedding and posted actual  pictures from the wedding on his blog. This is one of the first real event results in the world to be displayed using the new 1D Mark IV camera from Canon.

These shots are in a real wedding environment and it also is one of the darker environments which made it a perfect testing ground to see how the 1D Mark IV was going to perform both in image quality and in focus abilities. The results seem to be very good and shows Canon is putting a really different camera out there compared to the 1D Mark III.

Jeff has been a long time user of Canon cameras and I personally know he owned and used the Canon 1D Mark II, the 1Ds Mark II, the 1D Mark III, and currently owns the 1Ds Mark III and 5D Mark II as his current wedding bodies. I say that to point out Jeff has extensive experience with the latest run of Canon cameras. When talking to Jeff, he also told me he had a small opportunity to try the Nikon D3 when it first came out on a couple of his weddings. He said he enjoyed the camera but did not like the skin tone colors when comparing the tones with his Canon bodies and it is the reason he stayed with Canon.

Jeff doesn’t list the Canon 1D Mark III camera in his blog post because he didn’t own it, but I know that he has used the camera and is very familiar with it’s abilities and he has a good perception when comparing the latest of the Canon cameras including the 1D Mark III which is the predecessor of the 1D Mark IV.

When reading little quips on the internet that suggests Jeff is biased and gets his equipment free from Canon he is quick and fiery to add that he has bought and paid for almost every piece of equipment out of his own pocket and is therefore free and clear to say what he wishes.  On a personal level, I know Jeff and know what cameras and lenses he has bought and why he has bought it. It’s almost funny, but Jeff picks his equipment like a world class chef would pick the food he will be using in a competition that puts his reputation on the line.

Jeff was elated when the 5D Mark II came out as his style is very stealth and stems back to the quiet unobtrusive style he developed for himself stemming back to the Leica film days. Because Jeff is almost a no-flash guy, quality, focus and results are high on Jeff’s most required features of any camera.

Jeff Ascough’s ability to get amazing results in his wedding photography has caused a very large group of professional and wanna-be wedding photographers to follow his every move and truth be told, his work is truly world class. Very few photographers would venture to cover or even be able to cover a wedding like Ascough can do. Therefore, his interpretation of equipment and his thumbs up or his thumbs down is something a lot of folks are always watching for.

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