Black Friday Deals Might Be Boon to Photographers

Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving. In the United States Black Friday is November 27. For astute photographers there might be special deals shaping up that can prove to be real bargains. This generally means anyone interested has to get up very early and wait in line with other bloodshot consumers before stores open. Our experience has been spotty, finding most stores to have only 1 or 2 of those great products in stock. Other times we have strongly suspected that these “hot buys” are advertised but never find their way into the hands of any shoppers in a switch and bait kind of way. (The stories that we’ve heard from store managers don’t help sway our beliefs either.) But, for now, the bargains are beginning to find light of day. We’d be interested if you’re one of the lucky people who Black Friday a great day to remember. You can find out more about Black Friday deals by doing a search or by starting with some of the deals being spotted at ZDNet.