The Nikon Holes

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So far it looks like my sources for the D3s at the the front end of October is on track and the camera very well just may materialize. We will find out pretty soon what will go down. What else is likely to come out from Nikon? Let me give you my perspective:

The biggest hole in the Nikon line-up has been lingering for way way too long. A fast wide prime lens is something not only missing for the last 3 years but is also something Canon is clobbering Nikon with. Canon not only has one wide fast pro level prime, but they have two!!!

I enjoy working with my 35mm f/2 Nikkor lens but my mouth waters when I work with the 24L f/1.4 or 35L f/1.4 Canon lenses. I turn to grab my Nikon fast wide prime and that hole in my gear bag is . . . empty.

That’s my long way of saying maybe, just maybe we can see something in that hole. An f/1.4 fast pro level prime is not only wanted, but many of us are on the edge of our seats waiting waiting waiting. Will Nikon lets us down again, uhmm – let’s wait and see ;)    Thom Hogan is dancing around a possible 24mm 1.4 Nikon lens.

The other holes in Nikon’s line-up is not a camera but a focus AF point pattern. The focus points in the viewfinder of the Canon’s are just plain better placed. If you do much people photography you know it makes a much better looking composition to offset from the cent focus point. Nikon has 3 military straight columns right smack in the center of the finder, while Canon gets us much closer to the 2/3rds area of the screen. I doubt that change will come, but the finder AF points in my new Canon 7D is  nicer than my D3X. I wish they would add a row of high precision points left to right besides up and down – and the left to right need to be offset from the center row, 1 up and 1 down from the centerline.

Nikon also has rumors about a “definite” second camera. How the word “definite” and “rumor” can be in the same sentence is a little funny to me. Only the suites at Nikon know for sure, but I have to say it sure is fun to speculate :)

The talk is for Nikon to put a 1.5 crop DX pocket style camera on the table with either interchagable lenses or a built in zoom. We will see. Nikon so far hasn’t taken the pocket or non-dslr camer serious enough lately and I would like to see a change in that direction. A camera the size of some of these new little “rangefinder” cameras with a D300 sensor in it would be sweet! Canon needed to do that with the G11 but sisn’t.

I will release information as soon as it is allowed to be released so please take the invitation to check in here as the news unfolds.