Dolphins Beat The Jets – Canon 7D Captures Mark Anthony – Jennifer Lopez


24-105mm @ 24mm  1/200 sec, f/5.6    ISO: 500

I loaned my 7D camera to a friend who wanted to “check it out” and it came back with glowing reports and some shots of Mark Anthony singing the Nation Anthem at the Dolphins/Jets game.

Of course he came with Jennifer Lopez. Gloria Estefan was also there.


24-105mm @ 45mm  1/200 sec, f/5  ISO: 640

The report is the focus was very very good but he complained about the flash needing to be more accurate as it was not different from his other cameras which as he describes it – does a high/lo exposure dance. I have the raw files and I concur with what I see of his shots.

Mark Anthony waiting in the wings to go onstage to sing:


70-200mm @ 150mm  1/200 sec, f/5  ISO: 800


70-200mm @ 200mm  1/200 sec, f/5  ISO: 800


70-200mm @ 200mm  1/200 sec, f/4.5  ISO: 800


70-200mm @ 200mm  1/200 sec, f/4.5  ISO: 800

I just like this shot :)


24-105mm @ 40mm  1/200 sec, f/5.6  ISO: 500

The results is he wants to buy my camera from me :)   I guess that says it all. Looking over the raw files myself I have a couple of comments. The camera is very stable in it’s focusing. If a lens is not calibrated WITH the camera a nice constancy of soft images will result. On the flip side, seeing someone else work with my own camera body shows me that it is true Canon has taken a big step forward in the focus department and that helps to qualify my feeling that the 7D is a home run. Wait till the 1D Mark IV comes out :)

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  1. George says:

    Lens calibrated to the camera ?????

  2. ron says:

    I have a question? you said………………. If a lens is not calibrated WITH the camera a nice constancy of soft images will result………………… Are you talking about white balance or ??? please explain? i am so lost on this one i have to admit.
    thank you

    • PeterGregg says:

      Most of the new cameras will allow you to calibrate or fine tune your lenses on your body. I find that if you do not do this, your pictures will not be as sharp as they could be and I recommend everyone do this automatically.

      Older cameras do not have this feature and you have to send them in to Canon or Nikon to get the service department to do it for you (sometimes at a cost).

      Look in your instruction manual for how to fine tune a lens to see if your model has that feature or if you had mentioned what camera you had I would be able to tell you.

      I wrote an article about calibrating your lens, it is on the old site before PPH updated it’s web site. It is here: Calibrating your lenses


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