Is it the Canon 1D Mark V ?

Will it be the Canon 1D Mark IV or the Canon 1D Mark V or just the Canon 1D V? The biggest info circulating the internet today is the possibility that tomorrow the 1D Mark something will be announced.

To keep things in perspective nothing has actually gotten announced and when I spoke to Chuck Westfall last he made no mention of an impending camera. However, that doesn’t mean a whole lot as Chuck certainly is not going to announce anything before official announcements are made by Canon, and Canon may very well not have “briefed” it’s people ahead of time because of an effort to stop leaks.

Anytime a 1D series camera comes along it is exciting and important as this camera will usually be around for a 2 year cycle give or take a half year. This camera (if announced0 would also be important as it can be Canon’s attempt to retake the “king of the hill” title away from Nikon. The EOS 7D proved a very BIG step in the right direction for Canon and if the 1D Mark V takes that further Canon may very well be on it’s way to taking the crown back.

How did Canon get into a position to have the crown taken away? That could be a whole article on it’s own, and it may very well get written. But for now, if a camera is announced, stay tuned, you guys will be among the first to know.

The rumor of a new camera getting announced is based on an Australian media event for Canon on Oct 20. Combined with Nikon’s announced D3s camera, and the New York Photo Expo Show starting this week  we have fertile ground for a rumor to take hold and grow like wildfire.

Just be grounded in the fact that we may very well get a new camera announce and maybe some new lenses, or we may get nothing at all. This is an internet fed rumor and there is actually very little evidence to substantiate it at the moment. The fun is in the speculation though – so have a good time :)