A 1D Mark IV ISO 3200 Sample Image From Canon

Canon has released some images of their own taken with the new Canon 1D Mark IV digital camera. The images are here: Canon images.

One of the images is an ISO 3200 image. You can download the entire image from the Canon web site in the link above. Here is the full frame (reduced)


And this is 100 percent crop:


This look like it is going to be a great camera to work with. To my eye it is a full 2 stops better than the 1D Mark III.


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  1. mike says:

    Why hasn’t Canon or anyone else published any pictures that show the ISO really being stretched under field conditions? ISO 3200 in bright light? Really? Big yawn…

    Thinking they don’t really want to face off against Nikon on ISO yet

  2. mike says:

    where are the high ISO shots? What is Canon hiding?