Nikon 24mm 1.4 AFS rumor

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So many people have been clamoring for a fast high end wide angle prime from Nikon and they (nikon) seems bent on not filling this hole in their line-up. As a wedding photographer and even for street and social photography, a 24 or 28mm fast, meaning 1.4 or faster lens [...] Read more »

Nikon D800 – not D700X?

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Since the new round of cameras from Canon, plus the announcement of the brand new Nikon D3s camera, all eyes are on the big news of Nikon’s potential release of an upgrade to the D700. Speculation runs from a D700s which would be much like the D3 to D3s upgrade, [...] Read more »

Have You Downloaded Lightroom Beta 3?


Adobe Labs has provided a free downloadable beta version of Lightroom 3. There are several improvements that are noticeable up front. One of them is that you’re supposed to actually see improved images on your screen, although maybe that’s more apparent down the road. People that downloaded  LR B3 already praise [...] Read more »

Mamiya’s Four New Digital Backs


For 50 years Mamiya has provided professional photographers with medium format technology — film and digital. It is continuing that support and leadership today by introducing four new Mamiya DM digital backs, available in resolutions of 22, 28, 33 and 56 megapixels. “We want to empower Mamiya photographers to grow [...] Read more »

Press Release :: Lifephoto Launches Photo Gift Ideas Blog That Includes Alzheimer’s Memory Book Tips

simplephotogifts, an online digital photo processing and photo sharing service, has launched a consumer blog featuring creative ideas for using existing photos in new, more meaningful ways. How to Make Simple Photo Gifts can be found at The blog encourages amateur photographers to get lasting memory value from photos by creating [...] Read more »

Leica S2 Delayed Until 2010


The rumors that swirled regarding a delay in the initial retail shipments of the Leica S2 have proven to be true. Here’s the released statement confirming this: The Leica S-System has attracted tremendous attention among photographers since it was first introduced at Photokina 2008. Since the announcement, incoming orders have [...] Read more »

A 1D Mark IV ISO 3200 Sample Image From Canon


Canon has released some images of their own taken with the new Canon 1D Mark IV digital camera. The images are here: Canon images. One of the images is an ISO 3200 image. You can download the entire image from the Canon web site in the link above. Here is [...] Read more »

It’s A New Canon 1D Mark IV DSLR!!!


The new Canon 1D Mark IV has arrived. It isn’t a 1D Mark V, but it follows the logical naming convention as most have been talking about on the internet. Canon is ready to punch back after it has suffered the last couple of years in the flagship department. A [...] Read more »