Samsung Announces 12MP Digital Camera with Phone

It’s difficult to recognize Samsung’s SCH-W880 as a phone with a digital camera when it includes a 12 megapixel sensor. If that’s not enough the SCH-W880 can also capture HD Video. In addition there’s a 3.3″ touchscreen and a 3x optical zoom. Samsung has a lot at stake here, maybe more than meets the surface. It’s camera sales are not bad worldwide but lagging big time behind Canon and Nikon. But, the Samsung faces a lot of competition. The company sells far more phones to everyone, making it a major player. A lot of people love the devices such as the iPhone. Sony is also considered a good camera phone brand, too. But, Samsung definitely doesn’t want to see phone sales erode. And, this could give it the best of both worlds providing high resolution digital cameras that have phones. Longterm ramifications include a rapidly changing landscape of photography, different phone plans and phone designs, along with greater broadband usage and socializing. The push is on to catch and surpass Apple as the hot name in electronics expands into new unchartered territory such as China.