Leica M8.2 Digital Rangefinder Review – CNET


The Leica M8.2 continues the tradition of the M-series film-based rangefinder considered by many to be the finest camera ever created. The M8.2 can capture images at 10.3 megapixels using a Kodak APS sensor with virtually any M-series Leica lens. Shutter speeds range from 1/4000 to Bulb. Any Leica user [...] Read more »

Canon Announces New 7D DSLR


Canon has announced the new7D DSLR camera. This is exciting news as Canon has taken some hits over the last year or longer from Nikon as Nikon took that big leap over Canon. For years it didn’t look like anything could topple or beat Canon’s dominance in the market as [...] Read more »