Nikon D3s Week 1 or 2 in October

Nikon LogoHeard from 2 sources now that are pretty reliable that week 1 or 2 in October will see a refresh of the Nikon D3 to become the Nikon D3s.

These quicker changes are a departure from Nikon’s plan of a few years ago – actually many years ago, when the DSLR cameras were updated every 3 or 4 years. This way it keeps things fresh and more current.

We will be interested to see what else may come. A big wide open hole in Nikon’s line is the lack of a high end wide fast prime. A 28mm 1.4 pro level lens would certainly go a long way to hush the professional crowd for a while. Actually 2 lenses would be better, a 24 f/1.4 and a 35mm f/1.4 to be parallel with Canon’s line-up. Although a departure to some different focal lengths would be find. They just need to be pro level (not DX but FX too) and fast. Doing f/1.8 lenses would be a cop-out but at least something. hello, earth to Nikon . . .

I would rate this rumor as a ProPhotoHome Level 3 on a scale of 1 to 5 with 5 being a done deal and 1 being fantasy-land attention grabbing fodder.

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  1. NikonMan says:

    If we see a D3s in Oct 09 it will be right on line for Nikon’s usual MO. A model updates approx 2 years after the original. with a new model approx 2 years after that.
    This puts a D4 due in 2011… (12 years after D1)
    D1 15-Jun-99
    D1X/H 05-Feb-01
    D2H 22-Jul-03
    D2X 16-Sep-04
    D2Hs 16-Feb-05
    D2Xs 01-Jun-06
    D3 23-Aug-07
    D3X 01-Dec-08

  2. Yes D3s or D700s or both are welcome !