Nikon D700x – Rumors Getting Stronger

The D700X has been a very expected camera for a while now and is a vary logical step to happen as did with the D3 and D700 camera combination from Nikon.

The D3X doesn’t have it’s “buddy” yet and folks have been prophesying it almost since before the D3X itself came out. Nikon Rumors has reported something interesting that I think could qualify as real news if it is true – Best Buy has removed the D700 from their inventory as a current product. NR reports that this is what normally happens when a new camera is coming out and they revolve inventory.

This is the biggest clue yet that the little buddy to the D3X may really be on the way and something a lot of us are itching for. Of course a good high end fast wide prime is another thing a lot of people have been asking for. And Nikon seems to have been dancing around that issue for way to long – so as September approaches and it is a natural time for new announcements, we are eager to see what Nikon will uncover in the days ahead.

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  1. clissle says:

    hello guy, just went to and found they actually still sell the nikon d700 (body alone & with a lens). perhaps this clue that another cameral is on deck may not be true. check it out for yourself. cheers, mate!