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Mamiya DL28The Mamiya DL28 DSLR features a large 44x33mm sensor and 28 megapixels of resolution. You’ll find a healthy12-stop dynamic range along with 16-bit color. This is a Mamiya  645 AFD III body with a Leaf Aptus II digital back giving you digital medium format quality with all the familiarity of film-based photography. Plus, you can break free and shoot cable free.

“Mamiya invented the 645 format, giving the camera a look and feel that both 35mm and square-format shooters could easily adapt to. So we were not surprised by the camera’s solid look. But more than that, each of us found that, the moment you wrapped your right hand around the grip, you felt as if it was specifically molded to your grasp.”

Mamiya DL28 DSLR Kit is available from these trusted sources:

Mamiya DL28 DSLR Kit – Amazon

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