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Knowing that there are all different style of photographers that read the ProPhotoHome main page, I don’t think that any segment of the marketplace has gone untouched by the economic conditions facing the planet these days.

Regardless of your political view, no one can jump off the earth so everyone is in or on the same boat. There are some photographers that are doing much better than others and that is due to their own branding and marketing efforts that are paying off for them now when they need it. I am not going to address the different aspects of marketing here in this article as that is a huge topic all on it’s own.

Photo of Yuri Arcurs. Read more after the jump.

What I am going to do is introduce a lot of folks who are professionals, high end pro’s and those that have an eager attitude towards business in general on one way to have you camera make some money for you.

There are many books on this subject, and in my own personal experience some of the foundations of this thinking came for me from my dad when we had “THE talk”. Most guys would get an introduction to sex type of talk from their dad’s, I got an introduction and life map on getting ahead and staying ahead. It still was a “wow” talk though and many or all of the principles he talk me are still in operation today in my life.

The core nugget of the principles come from the idea that is pretty simple to digest right off the bat – I am one person and am capable of living only so many hours in one day. That would be 24 for those that might be stumbling with that – lol.

The first nugget comes from the idea of multiplying myself. If I can make X number of dollars per week or per month as one person, it is to my advantage to “clone” myself so there are 2 of us working for me. It’s not deep, so don’t get a floaty look in your eyes :) I can make X dollars a week, 2 of me can make more than that X dollars.

If I can add more than 2 I can triple myself or quad triple myself and so on. It’s an easy thought, don’t make it complicated, the only question here is how do I make more than “1″ of me produce income for me?

I am going to present one possible answer to that question. It’s a great answer because you get to continue doing what you are already doing. If you are a wedding and portrait photographer like me – then great, keep wedding and portraiting your way through life, but add this new “division” to your company. If you are landscape or fashion photography focused (nice photo term pun there – did you get it :) ) you can still add this to your current work.

I am talking about stock photography. Where this little chat I am having with you may differ from what you have read in most places on the internet on stock photography, I am not going to teach you how to do it and I am not going to show you how. I make millions a year on stock photography and I don’t plan on sharing my secrets with anyone.

Actually that last sentence is NOT true, I wanted to shake you up and also see if you are paying attention or falling asleep on me here :) If you are still here, then congratulations, it means you are awake and still with me – lol. I appreciate that, and the reward for you will be something a little unique.

i want to introduce you to the best selling stock photographer in the world. He is going to do the teaching and you will need to dig your nose into his presentations and if you really put your time and effort into it, you will be rewarded with a new field of photography that can very well pass the income you are dong right now.

The gentleman’s name is Yuri Arcurs. On his web site he will tell you things from how to get started, to how to sell, to tips on how to take the pictures, how to make yourself different, and also Yuri throws in technical talk on stuff like – which is better the Hasselblad or the new Nikon D3X??? And trust me, that is one cool thing to read right there.

If that wasn’t enough, Yuri is starting a way to help you by becoming a source for you to hire his company to help you index your photos and help place them. A key secret to stock photography is indexing your shots, without it, you simply will not be able to reach your buyers.

It will take some pretty good studying on your part, but within a short period of time you can have a second career at your fingertips without ever exiting your first career.

To get started, go to Youtube and do a search for “Crestock”. There will be lots of Yuri video’s to watch and it may be a less boring way to keep your attention at the beginning to watch video’s rather than doing the reading that will soon be required for you to advance.

The video’s are fun, and some of then are downright packed with information that will keep you glued to your computer monitor. After the wetting of your whistle with the Youtubes (you don’t have to watch them all right away) then go to Yuri’s site and dive into your free online college level course on stock photography. Hunt hunt hunt, all thru Yuri’s site as it is sprinkled with secrets, techniques and some slip of the tongue insider secrets that he just mentions ever so quietly here and there. You have to be smart enough to catch them.

When you are done exploring his site, blog, and essays, Yuri has a company starting (it hasn’t opened yet) that will help you get a more sure footing in the stock photography world bypassing the many years of mistakes it will take for you to learn this on your own.

Here is an article comparing the D3X – Hasselblad – Canon 1Ds Mark III that make for interesting reading all on it’s own. Click Here

Here is Yuri’s main site. Click Here

Starting with Yuri’s main site, read his blog and start your studies with the column on the right a little ways down with the heading Categories/Articles. There is lots to read and explore here and if you put in your time, it can open a whole new world of fun and satisfaction for you along with monetary rewards to go with it.

Many people are jumping into wedding photography these days as a way to supplement their income. Wedding photography is tougher than most folks realize and is also a very flooded newbie market. Set yourself apart by looking in another direction that may give you greater rewards with less stress and save a bundle on Maalox :)

See you online and Happy Shooting,
Peter Gregg

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