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Leica M8.2The Leica M8.2 continues the tradition of the M-series film-based rangefinder considered by many to be the finest camera ever created. The M8.2 can capture images at 10.3 megapixels using a Kodak APS sensor with virtually any M-series Leica lens. Shutter speeds range from 1/4000 to Bulb. Any Leica user can attest that this camera sounds and feels like it’s film-based counterpart satisfying the most discerning user.

“At this price, you’ll probably expect perfection. You don’t get it with the Leica M8.2, but it comes pretty close. It really delivers in terms of picture quality, and you simply can’t fault the build and finish.”

Leica M8.2 body will be available from these trusted sources:

Leica M8.2 body – Amazon

Leica M8.2 body – Adorama

Leica M8.2 body – B&H

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