Guest Posters Wanted

Do you have something interesting to say about any aspect of photography useful to serious amateurs or professional photographers?

Then send us a unique and interesting article, and perhaps you can link to your product , service or website here.

For authorities on a subject or authors we may do webinars too, that allow our members to ask you questions after a presentation.

There are four  reasons for you to post here:

1/ We have a lot of traffic to this site so your post will get seen!

2/ Google is now placing ever greater weight on topical links from good content on related sites. In fact post the so called penguin update, it seems a percentage of links from related sites are essential.
Sites that do not have the get dropped.

3/ We promote this site to a rather large list of interested people.

4/ We allow you a single link to your product, service or website. Be careful in how you use it! Google is clamping down on too many similar anchor text links.

In exchange we are quite demanding in what we will allow you to post.

Here is what we need

1/ We need articles that tell people something new or interesting that they may not have heard before.

2/ The article must be at least 500 words written in good english and supplied with pictures to which you own the rights.

3/ It must be written in an engaging and attractive way that persuades people to read.

4/ It must be unique, and all your own work.

5/ It must be spelling and grammatically correct, although colloquial second person articles may be considered too.

6/ In supplying it you grant sole copyright to us, for no other reason than we need to be able to stop anyone else on the web using it, even you, because that can hurt our site too  in google’s eyes!

7/ We will not accept reviews of your product or service.
You can however write something related. For example: if you sell polarizing filters , you could write a more general article on photography of metallic objects or water, and mention polarizing filters as a part of that. Then at the end link your own product.

8/ In short make it interesting!  If we want to read it to the end, then it probably is good enough!

The editors decision is final.

If you have something for us,  in the first instance please use the contact form.