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Boom Boom – loud and pretty, all over the United States, in fact – all over the world!! Fireworks displays were in full force and lit the skies around the world.

July 4th celebrations were great this year and thank you to all the people who responded to the fireworks article. As they say – I asked for it and I got it :)

Lots of pictures of fireworks were sent in to me from the article on fireworks pictures tips so let me share some of them with you.

See the pictures by clicking on the READ MORE link.

It was a thrill to see so many people sent in their picture of fireworks. You guys did a good job and there were some fascinating shots. I will share some with you here.

Sent in from William
5D Mark II, ISO 100, 70-200 lens, 3 second exposure.

Sent to me from Ann
D300, 6 seconds, F/10, ISO 200

Very pretty pictures. See how including some backgrounds makes the picture look better from a composition point of view? All the shots don’t have to be composed that way but they offer variety and make the picture more meaningful down the road, years later.

Cameras need to be on tripods, shutter speeds need to be long, ISO needs to be low and F stops need to be high. The beauty of digital cameras is the instant feedback/gratification/disappointment. You can make changes to your setting while you are there. This is something film never was able to offer – thank God film is gone :)

Please send your camera and photography questions to – questions sent, if selected, will be used in future articles and not answered personally (not enough time in the day guys).

Looking forward to Labor day parades and fireworks – be ready!

Happy shooting and see you online.

Peter Gregg

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