ColorRight White Balance Tool Review Roundup

We’ve already seen a few reviews for the new ColorRight White Balance Tool here on Pro Photo Home, but if you’re craving some more details about this latest and greatest white balance tool you now have more to chew on, with reviews, overviews, and more pouring in left and right. Most reviews are describing this new color balance tool as a big deal.

Photography Bay says:
“There are plenty of gadgets that you can spend lots of money on in photography. ColorRight is one of the few that walks the walk and delivers on what it promises. Every serious photographer should have one of these in their camera bag.

Wired gave it 9 out of 10 stars and says:

“Results in the field are fantastic; we had no issue with balancing various hues up perfectly.  And though it may sound a bit complicated to work through, it’s not — once you nail the process it takes mere seconds to dial the right color balance. That’s right, seconds.

Camera Dojo gave it 4.8 out of 5 stars and says:

“the Colorright can pay for itself in post production time savings the first time you use it.”

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You can find the ColorRight here.

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