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Canon 500D/T1i DSLRThe EOS Rebel 500D/Tii shows a clear trend of creating a hybridized DSLR that features both still frame and HD Video. Canon a 15.1-megapixel CMOS sensor, 14-bit A/D conversion, Live View for both stills and video and came announced a camera with enough features to appeal to almost everyone. When it comes to delicate shadow and highlight control there is the Auto Lighting Optimizer that ensures tonal detail. And, to make it even more appealing consumers are finding the body for under $900.

“In general use, the Canon EOS 500D is an excellent point and shoot DSLR, for those who want an uncomplicated camera that offers greater potential than compact models. The Creative Auto may convince you to click that mode dial, but will perhaps be lost on more experienced users.”

Canon EOS Rebel 500D/T1i DSLR body is available from these trusted sources:

Canon EOS Rebel 500D/T1i DSLR body – Amazon

Canon EOS Rebel 500D/T1i DSLR body – Adorama

Canon EOS Rebel 500D/T1i DSLR body – B&H

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