A Better Bounce Card Launches New Site

A-Better-Bounce-Card has launched a brand new site the beginning of August. Along with the new site, Peter Gregg has announced new products including the SUPERBig-Light and the huge StudioPro. The ABBC has been growing over the last year is a really cool product that not many people know about – yet.

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A-Better-Bounce-Card was born as a brain child of Peter Gregg when he was looking for a light modifier to soften the light from the hot shoe flash unit and also be extremely light and be able to be used in a wedding environment where people bump the camera gear more often than not. These “bumps” can break the hot shoe, hurt the person, or knock off the flash modifier in an embarrassing way.

Along with the new web site found at A-Better-Bounce-Card Peter has launched a whole new line of products. From the new ABBC Mini-Light to the huge new StudioPro.

The StudioPro is designed for a photographer to be able to use his speedlites to act like an umbrella or softbox with no fuss to it all. The new StudioPro mounted on the flash, and the flash mounted on a light stand of sorts will give the photographer an instant and lightweight studio lighting anywhere he goes. Strap it on using the attached velcro belt and there is a large 12×12 light source ready to provide soft large light for portraits or for supplemental light in wedding venues. The StudioPro is easily used on flash units like the  Nikon SB900 or SB800, Canon 580EX II and the 500 EX and more.

Other A-Better-Bounce-Card units are for used right on the hot shoe flash while it is mounted on the camera. From the very controlled ABBC Mini-Light to the Ultimate bounce Card, to the large light source Big-Light and SuperBig-Light, A-Better-Bounce-Card has a flash modifier for beginners to professional flash units.

The SuperBig-Light

Visit the new site at www.abetterbouncecard.com. There are pictures and Peter has made some video’s to watch and he has quite a humorous personality style and the video’s have a lot of hidden information he sneaks into them.

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