Epson R-D1x

Epson R-D1x From the “can you believe it” department, Epson has upgraded the R-D1 by adding a grip to hold the camera easier and a 2.5 inch LCD. That’s all the info available at the moment. My opinion is Fuji needs to make that final step into evolving to a [...] Read more »

Nikon D3X Review – Photo Answers

Since Nikon’s introduction of the D3X it has captured the attention of many a professional photographer with its 24.5-megapixel sensor, rugged performance and it’s tremendous abilitly to capture great images even in low-light conditions. “If you simply must have the ultimate image quality available from a camera and medium-format is [...] Read more »

Olympus E-620 DSLR Preview – DPReview

The Olympus E-620 is considered the world’s smallest and lightest DSLR with built-in image stabilization. This 12.3-megapixel camera offers features often found in systems costing much more. The E-620 boasts Shadow Adjustment Technology, Art Filters, Live View, and Wireless Flash, just to name a few. “Olympus has established a tradition [...] Read more »

Ritz Camera Centers (not Files for Bankruptcy Protection

Ritz Camera Centers Inc., the largest camera-store chain in the U.S., filed for bankruptcy protection, blaming the deepening U.S. recession and the consumer transition to digital photography. You can’t say that they haven’t tried hard, I get emails from them every few days and there have been some very interesting [...] Read more »

Canon PowerShot G10 Review – Reg Hardware

The Canon PowerShot G10 has many features that make it a pocketable camera for serious photograhers. The G10 has a resolution of 14.7-megapixels, a 28-140mm zoom lens, manual controls, and is capable of handling Raw files. “Canon’s PowerShot G10 is a polished, pocketable performer that offers a high degree of [...] Read more »

Nikon D3X DSLR Review – DPReview

The Nikon D3X captures beautiful low-light images with only 12.1-megapixels. Looking at the camera it’s clear the thought that went into the overall design and ergonomics, not to mention the feature set alone. “Therefore, despite its eye-watering price tag, the Nikon D3X without a shadow of doubt earns itself our [...] Read more »