1600 Club – Nikon D3X New King Of the Hill.

New 1600 Club Overall results and Sensor Performance Results.

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Nikon D3X, Canon 50D, Nikon D90 and the Canon 5D have been added to the 1600 Club camera rankings. Each camera has been tested and ranked for both of the 1600 Clubs camera rankings.

We have a new champ and a few surprises! Each camera is tested to determine how the megapixel quality is maintained at higher ISO levels and then based on the quality of the pixels, the camera is weighted according to the resolution. A camera with worse resolution is weighted less and a camera with greater resolution quality has it’s pixels weighted more.

The 1600 Club Sensor Performance Rankings tell you where you will get greater quality high ISO images with the weighted quality & resolution count included.

The “Overall” list is more intensive than the SP rankings and includes the Sensor Performance (SP) tests plus 3 more scores for each particular camera. The additional 3 scores are real focus abilities, how developed the features are and how customizable the camera can become for you, and finally the seriousness of the accessory and lens development is by the manufacturer.

The Nikon D3X is now the ranking champion with a whopping 3716 overall score – for now. Let’s see what Canon has up it’s sleeve as PMA rolls around and the rest of the year unfolds.

The D3X is not ranking number 1 simply because it has the most megapixels. The megapixels themselves are a high enough quality in addition to there being a LOT of them and it rocketed the camera to the best you can buy righ now for both Sensor Performance and also for the Overall rankings too.

Congratulations to Nikon on a job well done. The number 1 position means you will get the best images printed large (20×30, 16×24, 12×18 are tested) at high ISO settings – specifically ISO 1600 and ISO 3200. Are we saying the D3X will print a 20×30 at ISO 3200 better than the D3 – most definitely YES!! Are we saying the Nikon D3 will print a bad 20×30 at ISO 3200 – most definitely NO!!! It’s still darn good and you have to decide what features and what price you are willing to pay for you level of performance. price is NOT included in the ranking – on purpose, we want you to decided your comfort level yourself so we provide you with the camera rankings only, you add the final ranking yourself – price!

Make sure to take a look at how the Nikon D90, Canon 50D and the older 5D have place on BOTH lists. When sensor performance alone is tested, the Nikon D90 and Canon 50D seem to be “sleeper” cameras. The quality along with the weighted resolution count  puts the cameras above the Canon 1D Mark III. Wow, how can that be???

On the other hand – when getting the shot, getting it in focus, and just robustness of the camera body is added to the scores, the Canon 1D Mark III is just too much camera to be ignored, so even though it is the lowest resolution count, and it’s high ISO performance is not as high, it’s ability to perform in your hands puts up higher on the list.

Very useful information is provided, look at what the scores are telling you and not the hype of the internet charmers. Be a 1600 Club member and read the good news for each camera.

Peter Gregg

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